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Video Gallery — 2023 Residents of Distinction

Tepromumab, Somatostatin Analogues, and Anti-CGRP Monoclonal Antibodies – Association with Elevated Reporting Odds of Alopecia in Women: A Pharmacovigilance Study of the FDA Adverse Events Reporting System

Patrick Jedlowski, MD
University of Arizona College of Medicine

Mentor: Linda Stein Gold, MD
Henry Ford Health System



Hair Stylists Against Skin Cancer – An Interventional Study

Yang (Sunny) Li, MD 
St. Louis University School of Medicine 

Mentor: Sheila Friedlander  MD
Scripps Health – San Diego


Postoperative Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation in Skin of Color Individuals Following Mohs Micrographic Surgery

Alexandra Rzepecki, MD
Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Mentor: Robert Kirsner, MD
University of Miami




Oral Lichen Planus – Retrospective Cohort Study Assessing the Utility of Patch and Scratch Testing

Dev Sahni, MD, MHA
NYU School of Medicine 

Mentor: Ted Rosen, MD
Baylor College of Medicine 


Use of DataDerm™ Integrated with Epic™ Phototherapy-induced interferon kappa drives type I interferon mediated anticancer responses in cutaneous T cell lymphoma

Zizi Yu, MD
Boston Medical Center

Mentor: Hilary Baldwin, MD
Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School