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2020 Award Winners

Beiersdorf Congratulates
the 2020 Residents
of Distinction™

Residents of Distinction™ – 2020 Coastal Dermatology Symposium 

Shaundra Eichstadt, MD
Tufts Medical Center


Nicholas Gulati, MD, PhD 
NYU Grossman School of Medicine 

Anthony Guzman, MD
Albert Einstein College of Medicine


Nikolai Klebanov, MD 
Harvard University 

Reid Waldman, MD
University of Connecticut




Residents of Distinction™ – 2020 Caribbean Dermatology Symposium 

Rachel Giesey, DO
Case Western Reserve University


Jordan Wang, MD, MBE, MBA 
Thomas Jefferson University 

Janice Tiao, MD
Boston University Medical Center


Jacqueline Watchmaker, MD 
Boston University Medical Center 

Jennifer Yeh, MD, PhD
Harvard University